This cave is located not far from pantaisiung, located in a remote area in Gunung Kidul. approximately 70 km from the city centeror approximately 2 hours drive.Reaching this beach to be able to use a personal car or motorbike.because it is difficult to find public transportation to get there.public transport from the city Wonosari usually only up to Tepus region,and even then had to wait for hours.

 For the location of the cave Gebyok we have to walk through the fields and cow shed a population of around 1km of road siiung. Gebyok cave is semi-vertical cave, entered the cave where we will be decreased with a slope that makes our guts shrank when looking down.The cave itself consists of 5 starts climbing a cliff with a height of 3m vertical spring with rope 60 m long, 5m, 7m, 8m, and 20m at last is a ridge,we will pass using harnest, carmantel rope, carabiners, fiqure, rope, etc., for through it we will rappeling or canyoning in order to go into space for the sake of space contained inside the cave.Lines contained in the cave Gebyok vary greatly, from as mentioned above, namely semi-vertical, horizontal, little swim, muddy, and some fields have to be passed by the army crawl like exercise.Thus pathways that must go through and there is one more point that is difficult to pass to be able to get out of this cave, where we are required to pass through a gap / hole is only about 60cm or if we wear jeans shorts measuring only 34 people who can get through this pathway,
The hole is the only way for us to get out of the cave, then one of the requirements to be able to explore the caves Gebyok than physically healthy and had no history of disease ashma,It was to be bold with the altitude and certainly can not be the body fat.Because the body fat is more than 70kg with a waist circumference of more than 34 will most likely not be able to get out of the hole in which the only way to get out.That's the field we need to take, in the cave down Gebyok.
As long down the cave Gebyok is for 8-12 hours, or even more depending on the number of people who come along.

ornaments found in this cave is very complete, compared to the den-den that is around it, like in the cave Monday, Cekelan, Peleleyan.Ornament in this cave that we can see from Column Gours, Pearl, Rimestone, Flowstone, Soda Straw, Bacon, Pop Corn, gourdam, Caulliflower, helektit, stalactites, stalakmit, draperies, and much more that we can this cave we will see some waterfalls, where we can feel the reflection of massage with the falling water flow.still many unique animals in the cave, we even found a eel in a corner wrongly stream caves.Such privileges and biodiversity ornaments belonging to this Gebyok cave.Gebyok cave is a cave that is very sensational and love to pass by the adventurer who would love the challenge of nature.
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