2 Days / 1 Night Yogyakarta Adventure Trip

This tour is different from the tour program that owned by another agent tour,
during our tour we use off-road car as transportation and our nature as a place to sleep and we will explore all of it.
What will we explore?
First we will go to the sand dunes, why do we get there?
The sand dunes are very special because there are only 2 in the world.in the sand dunes we will surf the sand,use a board that has been designed specifically for that name which is sandboarding.
After enjoying the surf on the sand dunes continued journey toward Gunungkidul,
Here we will visit the tourist village Banyusuco,This village is the center of Javanese sugar industry.
Here we will also see waterfalls in the middle of the village.Having gone through all the uniqueness of the village Banyusuco,we will go to waterfalls to Srigetuk,but before we would pass through eucalyptus forests, we will be heading to the waterfalls srigethuk offroad.Once there we will play water until satisfied.
After visiting the waterfalls we will go to a beach for camping and other activities,in the morning we will leave the beach to get to the cave,we will be caving in Senencave.We will enjoy the vertical and horizontal cave with exciting adventure,After doing caving,we will do the climbing on the cliffs Siungbeach,which is famous for its beautiful cliffs.

2 days 1 night adventure tour
* sandboarding
* fun offroad
* caving
* climbing
* camping

* Transportation (car offroad)
* dome tent
* eating (cook)
* foodstuffs
* caving equipment
* climbing equipment
* sandboarding equipment)
* guide
* entrance fee

PRICE: USD 150.00 /person
minimum of 6 people or its multiples 

email : adventurejogja@gmail.com
(+62) 81 2156 1972