The holidays by visiting unique places certainly very fun , especially if while testing adrenaline and increase knowledge . Pindul Goa could be one of the main choices.Attractions located in Gunungkidul , Yogyakarta is booming at the moment is Pindul cave . With all the appeal of natural beauty make anyone curious about visiting this place .An underground cave flooded into its own unique appeal of these attractions .Pindul has a length of about 350 m , width up to 5 m , distance to the water surface of the roof of the cave 4 m , and a water depth of about 5-12 m . This cave has 3 zones . light zone , lit zones and dark zones . It takes about 45 minutes .

Amid the cave , there is a rather large room , with a hole on top of which the locals call the wells upside down , sunlight coming through the hole to make the atmosphere more beautiful . This is where the hole above the cave entrance is often used as a vertical by SAR team members or exercise .When you do the traverse Pindul cave in the cave , you 'll find a stalactite that has been fused with stalagmites that looked like a pillar with a width of five adult arm span ( Soko Guru ) . This is the biggest stalactites in the cave Pindul and has ranked No. 4 in the world .

More complete beauty with the ornament along the cave walls , like an abstract painting masterpiece invaluable . Bats hanging crystals adorn the eyes of cave passage . There is also a curtain composed of water droplets on the wall of the cave.

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