Watching the sunrise/sunset from the top of the mountain is a luxury that not everyone can enjoy it. an extreme route, erratic weather, heavy travel, and the distance that must be taken become the major barriers for some people, but this does not work at Mount Nglanggeran, Patuk, Gunungkidul. It takes only 1 to 1.5 hours of climbing, you will arrive at the west summit of Mount Nglanggeran, Mount Gede. The beautiful scenery that feast for the eyes was welcome. As far as the eye could see there was only a stretch of clouds at high altitude, the range of stone mountain with a unique shape, residents township, also green rice paddies and fields. At dusk approached, the city of Yogyakarta will look like a sea of ​​fireflies. A sprinkling of starlight and the sparkling city lights are visible from a distance become a romantic view for everyone who camped on this mountain.
This region is an area that its lithology was composed by old volcanic material and has a beautiful landscape in which the geology is very unique and has a high scientific value. From the result of researches and existing references, it is declared that Mount Nglanggeran is an Ancient Volcano. We have often heard and seen pictures of human Purba, so, what does the Ancient Volcano look like? The boulder towering like buildings and malls formerly was an active volcano (60 million years ago) now we can sit sipping fresh air while taking pictures and enjoy the beautiful sceneries. Green carpet that stretched when looking down, saw the fields, gardens, buildings and various television stations which is quite a lot, adds to the beauty of nature. This location is perfect for rock climbing, tracking, cruising out bond tour, and camping.
Facilities offered in the area of ​​Mount Nglanggeran Ecotourism is very complete, so visitors who come will feel comfortable when traveling here. The facilities are health post, information center, hall, culinary center, home stay, restroom facilities, worship facilities, climbing lane, and camping ground. Not only that, but it also has a lot of interesting sights that will pamper you who want to experience the beauty of nature. One of them is Comberan spring that is a spring that placed in the top of Mounth Nglanggeran which never experienced drought. There is also a shrine to get a gift from the creator for those who believe to be able to achieve the desires or ideals. Besides the Comberan spring, there is a hermitage used to perform the ritual “Prehatin”. It is usually do on specific days which are believed to have a mystical value. Travelers will arrive to perform the ritual. This place is popular because the weather is cool and there is level of staircases made ​​at the time of the Japanese which is used as a hiding place of Japanese soldiers. The water of this spring is believed to be able to stay young if it is used to wash the face.
There are so many local tourists also occasional foreign tourists visiting this Mount to enjoy the beauty of the scenery, trying to conquer the big rocks to climb, or just relieve the fatigue from daily work activities and the crowded of the city. It will give you a new and great experience
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