Jomblang cave is famous for its heavenly light coming in through the hole on the cave,
This cave is located in the district Semanu, precisely Pacarrejo village,Gunungkidul people usually call the Luweng Jomblang,Luweng the meaning of the word is vertical hole.
In Semanu area there are more than 300 cave and the most famous is cave Jomblang, since it has been exposed on TV.These caves are now managed by Mr. Cahyo Alkantana speologi experts,
to enter this cave takes special tools Jomblang shaped cave due to vertical and horizontal.
actually there are 2 cave here are procuress cave with its ancient forests and cave Grubug with its heavenly light,both have different charms.
Jomblang cave has a depth of about 80m while Grubug cave has a depth of 120m,if we are going down the cave Jomblang assisted by an operator using a pulley right on the edge of an ancient forest,
This forest supposedly be above the cave but over time and with and an earthquake struck in the past,
The forest eventually collapse and form a hole with a diameter of more than 200m,This cave has also been used as a dumping ground bodies of the robbers.but with the concomitant the changing times, this cave is now used as tourist attractions,
the attraction this cave is light that penetrates the hole of the cave grubug promptly at 12 noon,
tracking cave of 250 meters it takes about 3-4hr.
Join us on the darkness, be brave.

0730 am : We will pick you up at Jogjakarta city (hotel, train station, airport, etc).
0730 - 9.30 am : Drive to Jomblang cave, Gunungkidul, southeast of Jogjakarta.
0930 am : We have arrived at Jomblang cave karst area.
0930 am : Prepare to descend the hole, installing an equipment to your body. Our cave instructor will help you.
10.30 am : Descend the Jomblang hole with human belay system, an easy system for beginner (training is not necessary). Cave instructor will dropping you down slowly to the base of the hole, 40 meters vertically, with a rope attached to your body.

Descend the hole

10.30-1100 am : Dry trekking into the other hole, Grubug cave. Light is necessary here. Nearly to Grubug hole, you will hear the rustling of underground river. Eventually the light was beginning to look and finally, the ray of light is coming down from the hole above us.


Across the darkness

Silhouette of the cavers

11-1 pm : We have arrived at Grubug hole, 80 meters above us. 20 meters below us is the underground river. The first sight is a thousand light falling on the flowstone (cave ornament), the ray of light. Nice moment for photograph. But remember, don’t stand on this rock. Thousands of years to create this stone from water. Naturally.
Ray of light, don’t stand here

The hole of Grubug

Grubug hole has a diameter of 15 meters and a depth of 100 meters. Some expert caver prefer to descending here. More adrenaline, they said.
The underground river


Many ornaments below us, on the underground river. So, we will go down on the river. Must be carefully here. Slippery, because every time is wet.
1-1.30 pm : Back to the base of Jomblang hole, prepare to ascending up the hole.
1.30 pm : You will ascend the hole with hauling system (an easy system for beginner). Instructor will hauling you toward the top with a rope attached on your body.

Instructor will hauling you toward the top

0130-0200 pm : Take a rest, take a bath.
0200-0400 pm : Back to Jogjakarta city, take lunch on the way.

2 persons = USD 55 per person
3 persons = USD 50 per person

  • Guide and cave instructor
  • Lunch
  • water
  • Cave equipment
  • Boat shoes and helmet
  • Transportation, Yogyakarta - Jomblang  cave- Yogyakarta

  • Gloves and socks
  • Sport shoes or sandal
  • Clothes and substitutes (not jeans)
  • Private medicine
  • Bath equipment
  • Camera
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(+62) 81 2156 1972