This package includes an exciting adventure package , challenging and safe .journey of this package starts from Yogyakarta ,Participants will be picked up by car offroad .Participants will be invited to Gunungkidul to enjoy the exotic scenery ,all the way to your wonosari are offered by karst mountain landscape a very exotic

The first place we are going to the Siung beach  ,Here we will prepare to explore the cave and also eat first while enjoying views of the beach .after everything is ready participants are invited to Senen cave,This cave is located not far from the beach cloves around 10min ,
This cave is a cave fossils,This means not watery cave and safe ,with a depth of about 9m and 250m in length with a very exotic ornaments.
during the exploration of the cave , accompanied by expert participants speologi which will tell the ins and outs of the cave and will also teach photography techniques in the cave ,and the SRT (Single Rope ecnique) will also teach techniques to exit the cave .participants upon entering the cave
light to enter the cave

After 4 hours of pampering with the natural beauty of the land ,Participants will return to the siungbeach for dinner and rest to prepare for the adventure to the next morning .morning , participants will be awakened to see the sights in siungbeach morning while enjoying coffee and breakfast in the morning .

After the morning sun began to walk toward noon and participants have breakfast,The next adventure is canyoning .What is canyoning ?Canyoning is a kind rapling but done in waterfalls ,waterfalls we will use the waterfalls jogan beach ,The waterfalls falling directly onto the beach .scenery here is very exotic and in Gunungkidul only one .

After all that is done to try canyoning we will return to Siung beach , were located 5mn from the beach of Jogan ,for clean-up and lunch ,after lunch to continue the adventure through the forest and offroad in Wanagama .our journey from siung beach to Wanagama is approximately 1.5 hours .Here we are offered a view of the unspoiled forest with some waterfalls, about 2 hours we will explore the forest using offroad car

After enjoying the wonderful charm in the  Wanagama forest, participants will head to jogjakarta
PRICE :USD 150 /persons (min 6 persons)

email : adventurejogja@gmail.com
(+62) 81 2156 1972